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Excalibur Contracting Ltd. is a trusted and reliable home and commercial building framing contractor in the Grande Prairie and Peace Region. When a client approaches Excalibur Contracting for building a property or new addition, our first step is to set up a foundation. Our framing contractor understands the importance of a frameset in constructing a house or workplace. Only after the completion of the skeleton, the remainder of the edifice is supported and the design plans are implemented. Our framing contractor sets up a safe and efficient frame for your property within the stipulated time to enable the construction project to move forward seamlessly.

Custom Designed Frames for Your Property

Looking for trained framers that are well-versed with the latest techniques, practices and building codes and standards? We endeavour to exceed your expectations when it comes to standard house framing and general construction services. A consult with us will help you in the decision-making process based on the price point, time frame and product choices. Get in touch with us , and let us walk you through the comprehensive steps of framing and custom home building.

Our Latest Framing Projects

Every custom home starts as a skeleton. Our framing team has the know-how and experience to accomplish big and small general framing projects on time. We extend our individualized attention and honest advice to your project for its successful completion. Here are some examples of the skeletons we’ve helped build for custom homes in Alberta.

Let’s Execute Your Construction Work

Get in touch to share the details of your framing project.

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